Furnished Temporary Housing
For Half the Cost of a Hotel

How to Choose Your Temporary Housing


Archstone Santa Clara-exterior2Whether you are going on vacation for a long period of time, get transferred to another location for your job, or get displaced from your home, the type of accommodation you choose will greatly affect your stay. Depending upon where you are travelling to, or the city you are in presently will also dictate your living decision. In most if not all situations there are hotels to stay in. But there are other options also available to you in making that decision on where to stay for a month or longer. Have you looked into short term housing and/or fully furnished apartments? When looking at these options of where you are to call home for a few months, you must look at all the pros and cons of each place.

Avalon San Jose - kitchenShort term housing or furnished apartments is a fully furnished accommodation that provides the space and comfort of a home while living in a fully furnished and serviced apartment. Short term housing provides full sized kitchens where you can cook whatever you would cook at home, saving time and money on going out to eat. It is just like home, but you also receive complimentary utilities, cable, internet, phone service, and all the housewares you need to function like your home.

The cost for a short term housing apartment are usually if not always half the price of a hotel, but with added features such as pools, hot tubs, laundry facility inside the unit, fitness center, and sometimes coffee bars and dry cleaning. Short term housing provides families while living on a budget, and will save on having to look at multiple hotel rooms for larger families that can break a budget very quickly.

Most cities in the US and now in other countries offer short term housing and furnished apartments now that travelers are travelling everywhere these days. So next time you are in need of an extended stay, think of short term housing to fulfill your needs and budget.