Furnished Temporary Housing
For Half the Cost of a Hotel

Top Ten Reasons: Corporate apartments are a better choice than a hotel


Archstone Fremont-exteriorThere are so many reasons why it’s better for you to choose a corporate apartment over a hotel when you are relocating to a new area. Here’s our Top Ten list of reasons to consider temporary housing instead of a hotel:

  1. Corporate Housing is much cheaper than a hotel, in most instances half as much as an hotel
  2. Corporate Housing can fill a need for one person, or many people in a family without having to get multiple hotel rooms
  3. Short term housing is known for its exceptional service it provides. One call does it all, one bill pays it all, furniture, housewares, cable, gas and electric, internet and phone.
  4. Short term housing feels like home, not a hotel. You can sleep in your own bed in your own room, then move to your family room to watch TV, or kitchen to cook your next meal.
  5. Short term housing has better locations as they are more near jobs, restaurants, residential living, and normal daily lifestyles
  6. Avalon-at-Mission-Bay North - gymCorporate Housing provides more amenities than a hotel, pools, hot tubs, inside laundry, fireplace, gated, garages, home cooked meals, multiple bedrooms, kitchen, multiple bathrooms, decks, gyms.
  7. You can cook your own meals from breakfast to dinner just like home. Live like a king, cook your steaks, eggs, bacon or whatever you love to cook at home, don’t change just because you are in another place.
  8. Place to call home. You will never call a hotel your home.
  9. Privacy is also a significant advantage over a hotel.
  10. Choices, rather than one choice of an hotel corporate apartments can give you a vast variety of locations to decide on your next home