Furnished Temporary Housing
For Half the Cost of a Hotel

Why Choose Relocation Express over other relocation companies


Avalon Union City SF - bedRelocation Express provides short term fully furnished housing in Northern and Southern California, Nevada, and Washington. Although there are still many companies around that can place a corporate traveler, a travelling nurse, an insured that is displaced from their home, or just a vacationer, why would you choose Relocation Express to fulfill those needs. Well, many reasons. Here’s a few.

  1. Relocation Express has been in business over 20 years. Most of the 35 companies that were around even 10 years ago are gone. Relocation Express is still standing and is proud to say we have survived the storms and are still strong
  2. Small enough to make quick decisions, but large enough to handle any needs that are requested of them to handle each customer with quality care.
  3. Why choose a large corporation that you will be just another number in their database? When you can get quality service from Relocation Express who has been around for over 20 years. We are not here today and gone tomorrow.
  4. We own some of our own furniture, we property manage, we sell real estate. When it comes to knowing the area, handling situation sthat come up why wouldn’t you want to go with a seasoned, experienced staff.
  5. There is no mistake that some corporate companies continue to call us to help them out on their needs also. Whether it’s finding something in the area, or solving the problems to help their clients get situated, we pride ourselves in solving problems for our clients.
  6. We are in the Silicon Valley constantly to where the rents here are some of the highest rents in the country. We pride ourselves in still being lower pricing and costs than our competitors. If you don’t believe us, dare to compare.
  7. We have a response time greater and faster than any competitor out there. Test us.
  8. COST vs hotel. We are half as much as a hotel, and in most instances 25-30% less than our competitors. Fact.